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Welcome to Math 25!

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Our syllabus describes the class calendar, homework, grading, and other important information.

Math 25 builds off of Math 20 concepts and skills. There is not a lot of new math to learn. With lectures, discussions, and projects we review ratios, proportions, percents, and scale factors so a vague understanding of those topics grows into a solid understanding about how and when to use those ideas in real life.

various kinds of pliers

As an analogy, most students leave Math 20 knowing what a "pliers" is. They understand how to use one. But in real life there are many kinds of pliers, each appropriate in different situations, and each used slightly differently.

Math 25 is about making your own "math toolbox". By the end of the term you will understand the different kinds of ratios, proportions, percents, and scale factors. You will know which are appropriate in various real-life situations, and how they are used slightly differently depending on the situation.

Online Lecture Notes


Facts: Formulas, Calories, Body Fat, Three Kinds of Averages

Formulas: Calories, Body Fat, Exercise Pulse Rate


Six Project Ideas



Facts: Mortgages, Yield Percent, Three Kinds of Probability

Formulas: Restaurant Entrée Pricing Methods, Retail Markup, Retail Discount, Interest, Changes in Likelihood


Six Project Ideas


Other Assignments

Syllabus Quiz

Core Learning Outcome Assignment

Article Reports

Final Exam

Archived Board Work

Week 1, Tuesday

Week 1, Thursday

Week 2, Tuesday

Week 2, Thursday

Week 3, Tuesday

Week 3, Thursday

Our first midterm was on Tuesday of Week 4. Here are the test and answer key.

Week 4, Thursday

Week 5, Tuesday

Week 5, Thursday

Week 6, Tuesday

Week 6, Thursday

Week 7, Tuesday

Week 7, Thursday

Week 8, Tuesday

Our second midterm was on Thursday of Week 8. Here is the test and answer key, and also a student's paper. (If you want to share yours too, let me know!)

Week 9, Tuesday

Week 9, Thursday

Week 10, Tuesday

Week 10, Thursday

The online gradebook has communication, quiz and test, and overall pages.

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