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Math 25
Syllabus Quiz

This quiz helps ensure you have read the Math 25 syllabus. You may turn in your answers on paper or you may copy-and-paste the questions into an e-mail and type your answers.

  1. Our class content include four broad categories: health, personal finance, business, and statistics. Which do you expect to be most useful to you in real life?
  2. What letter grade are you aiming for? Are you aiming for a +, −, or plain letter grade? How many achievements are needed to reach those goals?
  3. Our class allows you to use carefully prepared notes on quizzes and the final exam. How will you condense your class notes, thoughts, homework, and favorite example problems? What do you imagine your carefully prepared notes will look like?
  4. For which problems from the Math 20 final exam do you need the most review?
  5. When is the deadline for a tuition refund?
  6. When is the last day for schedule changes, including grade options?
  7. When and where is our final exam?
  8. What always allows an LCC student to ask for a final exam to be rescheduled?
  9. Which one of the LCC resources might be important, but you did not already know about it?
  10. What is the MRC CRN and why does it exist?
  11. Are you signed up for LaneAlert?
  12. Why is Math 25 an especially real math class?
  13. What creates new brain connections, larger brain cells, and deeper brain networking?
  14. After reading the syllabus section entitled Truth, Wisdom, and Encouragement, write a mentoring letter to a friend (real or imaginary) summarizing its key points. One or two paragraphs are probably sufficient.