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Math 25
Syllabus Quiz

This quiz helps ensure you have read the Math 25 syllabus and the website.

You may turn in your answers on paper or you may copy-and-paste the questions into an e-mail and type your answers.

1. According to the syllabus, why is Math 25 an especially real math class?

2. Why does the workbook include a wide variety of review problems? Brainstorm at least three resources available to help you with these problems.

3. How do homework problems become part of our class grade?

4. What are the article reports?

5. What is the core learning outcome assignment about?

6. Why are there projects? How many are you required to write up and present?

7. What is the difference between "prompt homework problems" and "enough homework problems"? (Hint) How does this concept apply to Math 25, which does not have a typical textbook providing for each topic a few pages of homework problems?

8. How much of your overall grade is the Final Exam?

9. Which item in the Study Skills section of seems most helpful to you?

10. Which one the Student Responsibilities is most helpful for you to do better?

11. Which one of the Instructor Responsibilities would have been most helpful for past (or present) math instructors to have done better?

12. When and where is our final exam? (Hint)

13. What always allows an LCC student to ask for a final exam to be rescheduled? (Hint)

14. Give an example of one of your academic successes from the past term or two. How are you hoping this class might provide a similar opportunity? What else makes you hopeful about this class?

15. Give an example of some math baggage you are carrying because of the past. How are you hoping this class might deal with it?

16. As a college, LCC is really working on understanding what happened to students who drop classes or leave LCC entirely. You can click to see an example of the college's analysis. Promise me that you will report the biggest academic challenge you faced while in this class—important information whether you ace the class or cannot finish.

17. Read the syllabus section entitled Truth, Wisdom, and Encouragement. Write a mentoring letter to a friend (real or imaginary) summarizing its key points. One or two paragraphs are probably sufficient.