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Math 25
End-of-Term Reflection

A reflection at the end of the term can be uplifting. You have learned a lot of math—more than most people know!

Also, LCC is really working as a college on understanding what challenges students face. You can click to see an example of the college's analysis. Writing about which challenges you faced and how you overcame them not only provides you personally with a pause to be proud of accomplishments, but might also guide the college in how to support other students.

You may turn in your answers on paper or you may copy-and-paste the questions into an e-mail and type your answers.

  1. Did the topics taught in this class match your expectations? Did your expectations change about which topics would be useful in real life?
  2. Did you achieve the grade you were originally aiming for in this class? Why or why not? Also, if you changed which grade you were aiming for, what prompted that change?
  3. The way this class is graded is unusual. How did that work for you?
  4. Did this class live up to its hype about being an especially real math class? How did that work for you?
  5. Which LCC resources were important for you to use this term?
  6. Give an example of one of your academic successes from the past term or two. How were you hoping this class might provide a similar opportunity? How did your actual successes in this class compare?
  7. Give an example of some math baggage you are carrying because of the past. How are you hoping this class might deal with it?
  8. What else made you hopeful or fearful about this class? Did those hopes or fears materialize?
  9. What was the biggest academic challenge you faced while in this class?
  10. If you were allowed to rewrite the class catalog description and/or syllabus, how would you make changes?