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Math 25 Achievements
 Where Checklists Become Adventure 

This class uses achievements instead of a gradebook. Every assignment has an achievement for completing it.

The list of achievements looks very long. Well, it is very long! But you will start checking off stars quickly. Your progress is easy to see. The requirements to improve your grade are clear.

Students can view their personalized achievement list by clicking on their code name:

1231 definitelynotmt
Hadar JackRabbit
margesimpson Lokitheshiba


Small Problems for Health Decisions

Re Mi Do Do So

finish the turn-in homework for Patterns

Nom Nom Nom

finish the turn-in homework for Calories

The Doctor is In

finish the turn-in homework for Metabolism

Culinary Completionist

finish the turn-in homework for Food Preparation

Small Problems for Personal Finance

You Are All Individuals

finish the turn-in homework for Typicality

Why Be Normal?

complete the Bell Curves small problems

Hit The Book Value

complete the Mortgages small problems

Got My Mind On My Money

complete the Saving for Retirement small problems

Small Problems for Business Decisions

Peddle to the Medal

complete the Markup & Discount small problems

Step 4: Profit

complete the Pricing small problems

Going To Need A Bigger Bag

complete the Charge Options small problems

Dice of Many Faces

complete the Likelihood small problems

Big Issues for All Topics

Singular Sensation

resolve one big issue

Dynamic Duo

resolve two big issues

Letter Grades

Wood League — Earn a D in the Class

Earning a D shows that you are capable with a handful of skills. You can follow procedures and mimic example problems. With the right support, you can deeply understand math issues.

Your math foundation does not yet have breadth that assures success in your next math class or in improving your career potential.

So you are not yet prepared to move on, but are learning. Your progress is commendable and should be acknowledged!

Law of Fives

do small problems for five subtopics

Three Shall be the Number

resolve three big issues

Not in Kansas Any More

do zero book reports

I am so smart! S-M-R-T!

earn 60% or more on the final exam

Bronze League — Earn a C in the Class

Earning a C shows that you can use the skills for more than half the topics, and can deeply understand math issues.

You are prepared to move on. You can expect what you learned to be a little helpful in your next math class or in a career.

Earning a C is a respectable grade for a student whose term was too busy with real-life issues for excellent homework, but managed to study hard enough before the tests.

If you want to complete all of the Bronze League achievements before the end the term, take a proctored final exam in the MRC. If you score 65% or higher you can check off the appropriate achievement early! Your actual final exam becomes a chance to improve your score.

This Isn't Even My Final Form

do small problems for eight subtopics

Connect Four

resolve four big issues

And That's The Way It Is

do one book report

Safety Dance

earn 65% or more on the final exam

Silver League — Earn a B in the Class

Earning a B shows that you are proficient in almost all skills, deeply understand most concepts, and you can discuss other people's math. You are noticeably above average. Future teachers and employers look forward to this type of person.

Perfect Ten

do small problems for ten subtopics

The Fifth Element

resolve five big issues

More Details Just Arrived

do two book reports

Now I Am the Master

earn 75% or more on the final exam

Gold League — Earn a A in the Class

Earning an A shows that you are proficient in nearly all skills and concepts, and you can not only discuss other people's math but also create and present using our math topics in an original and practical way.

These Go to Eleven

do small problems for eleven subtopics

An Awfully Big Adventure

resolve six big issues

Jack of All Trades

do three book reports
(and present one to the class)

I Can't Hear You Over the Sound of How Awesome I Am

earn 85% or more on the final exam

Class Participation

These achievements do not assess your ability to use math. Instead they record how engaged you were with the class. I believe Robert Talbert first had the idea to use + and − to emphasize student engagement.

The Danger Zone

turn in half the homework assignments on time

Ludicrous Speed

turn in all the homework assignments on time

3 Minutes of Fame

do a problem on the board during class

Anyone? Anyone?

do four problems on the board during class

Someone's Got My Back

visit the MRC, CAR, and TRiO

Habit Builder

work with an Early Outreach Specialist to develop a success strategy plan

Time Capsule

turn in the four reflections

I Love It When a Plan Comes Together

after the midterm turn in a detailed study plan

Swiss Army Knife

for four topics turn in a page of notes with all 8 characteristics of well-written notes

Handwriting Analysis

for four topics turn in a page of homework with all 16 characteristics of well-written problems


find five new online videos explaining our math topics

Field Photographer

turn in photos of three study groups you attended

That's Not a Moon

submit fake multiple-choice answers for 16 HW problems

Actively Healthy

attend 16 or more classes


turn in six practice finals

What a Long Strange Trip It's Been

earn nine other Class Participation achievements

your letter grade gets +