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Welcome to Math 25!

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Our syllabus describes the class calendar, homework, grading, and other important information.

Math 25 builds off of Math 20 concepts and skills. There is not a lot of new math to learn. With lectures, discussions, and projects we review ratios, proportions, percents, and scale factors so a vague understanding of those topics grows into a solid understanding about how and when to use those ideas in real life.

various kinds of pliers

As an analogy, most students leave Math 20 knowing what a "pliers" is. They understand how to use one. But in real life there are many kinds of pliers, each appropriate in different situations, and each used slightly differently.

Math 25 is about making your own "math toolbox". By the end of the term you will understand the different kinds of ratios, proportions, percents, and scale factors. You will know which are appropriate in various real-life situations, and how they are used slightly differently depending on the situation.

Online Lecture Notes

Topic In-Class Activity Facts Formulas Homework
Patterns Toothpick Patterns
Toothpick Patterns
Tautological Tiles
Tautological Tiles
The Triangle Formula
Triangle Formula
Health Breating or Heart Rate
Which Rate?
Heart Rate or BMR or DCI
Heart Rate, BMR, DCI
Kitchen Math Vegetable Trimming
Yield Percent
Yield Percent
Scaling Up from Spoon to Cup
Spoon to Cup
Typicality Typical of a Group
Bell Curves
Bell Curves
Mean and Median
Mean & Median
Interest Six Years of Rent Increases
6 Years of Rent
Simple Interest
Simple Interest
Compound Interest
Compound Interest
Investing The Rule of 72
The Rule of 72
Sum of Annuity Due
Sum of Annuity Due
Pricing Charge Options
Charge Options
Markup & Discount
Markup & Discount
Entrée Pricing Methods
Entrée Pricing
Likelihood Fair Spinner Games
Spinner Games
Probability and Odds
Probability & Odds
Weighted Average
Weighted Average


Wood League

Three Shall be the Number

pass a skills quiz for three topics

Jack of All Trades

attempt every skill quiz

The Fifth Element

pass a skills quiz for five topics

Smelled Like...Victory

earn 65% or more on the final exam

Skills to Pay the Bills

pass a skills quiz for all but one topic

I am so smart! S-M-R-T!

earn all other Wood League achievements

earn a D in the class

Math 25 covers eight topics: patterns, health, kitchen, typicality, interest, investing, pricing, and likelihood.

For each topic there is a skills quiz that tests your ability do follow procedures that mimic sample problems. Can you plug numbers into a formula? Can you follow a step-by-step process to turn a word problem into a proportion and then find the answer? And so forth.

Passing a skills quiz requires getting 80% of the problems correct. You can attempt a quiz each class. These attempts can be either taking a quiz for the first time or retaking a new version of a quiz you already attempted. (You may also do extra attempts during instructor office hours.)

Skills are the foundation for each topic. Learning most of them is great and should be acknowledged! If you can follow procedures your effort is not completely failing. But procedures alone will not be enough to support you in your next math class or in improving your career potential.

Bronze League

Turtles All the Way Down

pass a skills quiz for all eight topics

Dynamic Duo

pass a concepts task for two topics

Wrecking Ball

score 100% on two skill quizzes

Safety Dance

earn all Wood and all other Bronze League achievements

earn a C in the class

For each topic there is also a concepts task that tests your ability do use and communicate deductive reasoning. Can you write about how a word problem applies to a broader real-life situation? Can you solve a word problem that requires using more than one skill in a way that does not mimic an example problem?

Earning a C shows that you can use the skills for all topics and deeply understand at least two topics. You are prepared to move on. You can expect what you learned to be of help in your next math class or in a career.

Moving up from a grade of D to C requires the last skills quiz, two concepts tasks, and two perfect skill quizzes. Usually the concept quizzzes and perfect skill quizzes will be from the same topics but this is not required.

Silver League

Law of Fives

pass a concepts task for five topics

And That's The Way It Is

do one article report

Above Reproach

earn 75% or more on the final exam

Ahead of the Curve

earn all Bronze and all other Silver League achievements

earn a B in the class

Earning a B shows that you are proficient in all skills, deeply understand most concepts, and you can discuss other people's math. You are noticeably above average. Future teachers and employers look forward to this type of person.

Moving up from a grade of C to B requires three more concepts tasks, an article report, and a slightly higher final exam score.

Gold League

Re Mi Do Do So

pass the skills quiz and concepts task for the Patterns topic

Got My Mind On My Money

pass the skills quiz and concepts task for the Interest topic

The Doctor is In

pass the skills quiz and concepts task for the Health topic

Going To Need A Bigger Bag

pass the skills quiz and concepts task for the Investing topic

Nom Nom Nom

pass the skills quiz and concepts task for the Kitchen topic

Peddle to the Medal

pass the skills quiz and concepts task for the Pricing topic

You Are All Individuals

pass the skills quiz and concepts task for the Typicality topic

Dice of Many Faces

pass the skills quiz and concepts task for the Likelihood topic

More Details Just Arrived

do two article reports

That's Not a Moon

complete and present a project

Power Overwhelming

earn all Silver League achievements and pass a concepts task for all but one topic

I Can't Hear You Over the Sound of How Awesome I Am

earn More Details Just Arrived, That's Not a Moon, and Power Overwhelming

earn an A in the class

Earning an A shows that you are proficient in all skills and nearly all concepts, and you can not only discuss other people's math but also create and present using our math topics in an original and practical way.

Moving up from a grade of B to A usually requires two more concept quizzes, one more article report, and a project that includes both a written portion and a class presentation. Although it appears that Gold League has many requirements, at least half will already be completed when you finish Silver League.

Emerald League

The next set of achievements are different. They do not assess your ability to use math. Instead they record how engaged you were with the class.

If you earn only 4 or fewer of the Emerald League achievements then your letter grade gets a minus to show you were minimally engaged in the class.

If you earn 8 or more of the Emerald League achievements then your letter grade gets a plus to show you were very engaged in the class.

The Danger Zone

turn in half the homework assignments on time

Anyone? Anyone?

do four problems on the board during class

Ludicrous Speed

turn in all the homework assignments on time

I Love It When a Plan Comes Together

for four topics turn in a plan about specifically what and how to study

Time Capsule

turn in written syllabus quiz, discussion of cores, and end-of-term reflection

Swiss Army Knife

for four topics turn in a page of notes with all 8 characteristics of well-written notes

Habit Builder

write a study skill reflection about all eight study-skill topics

Handwriting Analysis

for four topics turn in a page of homework with all 16 characteristics of well-written problems


find two new online videos explaining our math topics

Actively Healthy

attend more than 80% of classes


turn in six practice finals

Field Photographer

turn in photos of three study groups you attended

What a Long Strange Trip It's Been

earn eight other Emerald League achievements

earn a + in the class

An Awfully Big Adventure

earn every other Emerald League achievements

Using + and − this way is useful to tell future teachers and employers about your dedication as well as your ability to use math.

I believe Robert Talbert first had the idea to use + and − to emphasize student engagement.

Feats of Fun

These achievements do not affect your grade. They exist because it is fun to complete achievements and earn stars!

3 Minutes of Fame

do a problem on the board during class

Team Player

attend a study group outside of class

Stand-Up Act

present your project before finishing the written portion

Someone's Got My Back

visit the MRC, CAR, and TRiO

Just a Flesh Wound

pass a quiz you previously failed

Now I Am the Master

pass all sixteen quizzes

Doesn't Go to Eleven

score 100% on a quiz

This Isn't Even My Final Form

score 100% on eight quizzes during the first eight weeks of the term

Feats of Strength

These achievements have special rewards.

These Go to Eleven

get more than enough problems to earn 100% correct on the final exam

this achievement can count as any other!

Hero of the Realm

earn every other achievement

You may have your name in the appropriate "trophy case" bulletin board in the math division

Student Achievement Pages

If you have forgotten your code name, please ask during office hours, or request a reminder by text or e-mail. Your instructor does not have your code name memorized and cannot help you during class!

Our class also has six students that decided to use a paper copy of the achievement list, which they could fill with real life star stickers as they earn achievements.

Annette Azzlemahm (C-) Cora Crumblegood (A) Fendrick Findswell (C)
Ginger Goshfog (B+) Helga Honeyfoot (C-) Isabelle Ishwhat (A+)
Kenneth Kingsmiddle (C-) Lucretia Laughingcap (C-) Nellie Nusslehood (A+)
Phoebe Pebblewater (B+) Reuben Razzlefield (C+) Thaddeus Tuneworth (C-)
Vera Volemitt (B)

You can also see a draft revision to improve achievement system for Fall 2018.

Archived Board Work

Week 1, Tuesday

Week 1, Thursday

Week 2, Tuesday

Week 2, Thursday

Week 3, Tuesday

Week 3, Thursday

Week 4, Tuesday

Week 4, Thursday

Week 5, Tuesday was our fun midterm. See practice midterms, that particular midterm, or the answer key

Week 5, Thursday

Week 7, Tuesday

Week 7, Thursday and Interest Topic HW #49 spreadsheet

Week 8, Tuesday and Rule of 72 spreadsheet

Week 8, Thursday

Week 9, Tuesday and charge options spreadsheet

Week 9, Thursday

Week 10, Thursday

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